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VE bunting

VE Day – 8th May 2020

What a lot of effort Y4 put into their work for VE Day…..they made bunting and posters, cooked and baked, and wrote some thoughtful reflections. We even had an amazing poem, outdoor artwork and a cookery demonstration! Well done Y4 – you should be very proud of yourselves.


Positivity Word Clouds

Year 4 have produced some beautiful, creative Word Clouds to celebrate all the things they have enjoyed doing during their time in ‘lockdown’.  Well done Y4….they are fabulous and a lovely reminder of lots of the things to be grateful for!

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Authors reply to your letters!

    Great news! Lots of authors have been kind enough to reply to your lovely letters Y4! Well done!

I hope you enjoy reading their replies! Don’t forget to watch our very special video from Tony DiTerlizzi too :)

Fingers crossed we will receive even more replies in the next few weeks – watch this space….




We had so much fun in Y4 this afternoon learning a new song on the glockenspiels! The children were really proud of themselves when they mastered the tune really quickly. You can literally see the concentration on their faces….they worked so hard!



Year 4 showed how fantastically inquisitive they are when we explored electrical circuits recently. They used buzzers and lamps to build, and compare, complete and incomplete circuits. Then they extended this by challenging themselves to find out which materials they could add into the circuit. They used scissors, sharpeners and paperclips! Amazing investigating Y4!!


Parliament Week

As part of Parliament Week last week, Y4 took part in a debate where they considered William the Conqueror’s right to the throne.

The children then considered arguments for and against the crowning of King William. This morning, children voted for who they would like as king of England – William the Conqueror or Hereward the Wake.

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Egyptian Artefacts

We were all really excited to look through Ava’s fabulous photographs from her recent holiday to Egypt. She told us all about the Valley of the Kings and everybody had lots of questions.
Thanks Ava…really interesting photo’s!


Mummified Tomatoes

Plenty of squeals and screams this afternoon in Y4 (some of disgust but mostly of delight) as we mummified tomatoes by following the ancient Egyptian embalming process.

The tomato mummies are sealed in their chambers, gutted and packed with natron. Y4 can’t wait to see the results in a couple of weeks time!


Let’s Sing!

We had a wonderful time in Year Four last week when Mr Orrell came to visit. We had so much fun exploring the ‘Greatest Hits’ of Let’s Sing from years gone by.

The children got the chance to sing some familiar songs: We Will Rock You and The Eye of the Tiger. Then they looked at lots of different musical genres while singing about Grandma and her walking stick! Finally, they practised their ‘Singing in the Bath’ voices.

I think you can see from the pictures, a great time was had by all!! Thanks again to Mr Orrell for the fantastic opportunity.



STEM Day in Y4

We’ve had a fantastic time in Y4 today. We’ve been busy planning our investigation, building our Hoop Gliders and, of course, testing them out too!

We thought carefully about all the variables we needed to control in order to ensure our investigation was a ‘fair test’.

You can see some of the variables we identified on our planning sheet. Can you think of any more that we might’ve missed?