Maths day

Today at Woodfield School it was ‘Maths Day’. Year 1 had a fantastic day participating in all sorts of exciting challenges! First thing this morning we tried some active maths, we had to collect treasure by answering some tricky addition and subtraction word problems. Then we used lots of resources to practise place value. After lunch time we tried solving some really tricky problems in our maths groups, we only had ten minutes to try to solve each problem. Finally it was time for some art using 2D shapes, for this we had to use lots of mathematical reasoning. It was a very busy day but lots of fun. Well done Year 1 you all worked so hard, you are wonderful mathematicians!



Fruit Salad

Yesterday in DT Year 1 named lots of different types of fruit and found out which countries our fruit comes from. We found out that some fruit needs warm weather to grow so it is grown in hot countries or special green houses. Then we used the fruit to make our own healthy fruit salads. Which was your favourite fruit and why? Did you try some fruit you had never tried before?


FA Skills

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to practise our football skills. We tried lots of different ways to travel and dodge, then we practised different ways to move over a football. Finally we developed our coordination skills with the football. It was lots of fun and we can’t wait for more FA skills this week!


Liverpool world museum

Yesterday Year 1 visited Liverpool World Museum. We had an amazing day! First we went to the aquarium and found out about different sea creatures, we even got to touch a star fish! After that we explored Ancient Egypt and got the chance to dress up like explorers and Egyptians. Then we saw some dinosaur bones and lots of fossils, we were even lucky enough to touch the plates from a stegosaurus and the skull from a triceratops! It was such a fantastic trip, thank you to all the adults who came with us to help us throughout the day!

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