Exciting Easter Task

Well done Year 1 on such a fantastic half term, myself and Miss Killeen are so proud of you all! For your homework over the half term, alongside practising your reading and phonics, I wonder if you could find out anything about wildlife in our local area in preparation for our topic ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ when you come back after Easter. Anything you find out please add in the comments on the blog, make poster or do some nonfiction writing. There will be golden tickets for anyone who completes the task. Have a fantastic Easter break!

Miss Kelsall and Miss Killeen


Friday Friendly Fundraiser!

On Friday afternoon, Year 1 set up a fundraising stall to raise money for wonderful learning opportunities! From selling bobbles, cakes and biscuits to guessing the name of the teddy and how many sweets were in the jar. It was a success! A massive thank you to all parents, children and dinner ladies for all their efforts. All the children had lots of fun! We will keep you up to date with how much money we raised…

IMG_2538 IMG_2526 IMG_2532

Spring has sprung

Today was a very exciting day in Year One! First, we had 9 of our chicks hatch. Then Mrs Kendrick came in to visit, she brought with her Buttons the rabbit and Jethro the skunk. They were so friendly and Mrs Kendrick told us lots of interesting facts. What facts did you learn about rabbits and skunks?


Spelling Bee

Yesterday was Woodfield’s annual spelling bee. Emily, Max and Isla were our team captains and we were all so proud of them they were fantastic! Well done to everyone else for their excellent behaviour and supporting their team captains!



Two of the three chicks that have hatched came to visit us in Year 1 today. We talked about what the chicks eat while they are inside the egg and how they break out of the egg when they are ready. We are so excited for the rest of the eggs to hatch! Hurry up little chicks! Can you think of some adjectives to describe our chicks?


Reception and Year 1 visitors…

Today was a very exciting day for Reception and Year 1, the eggs have arrived! Two chicks couldn’t wait to meet us all and hatched this morning, the rest of the eggs should hatch in the next couple of days. What should we call the chicks? Can you draw or write about the life cycle of a chicken?


World book day

Everyone looked amazing in their world book day costumes, I was so impressed with all the imaginative costumes! Thank you all for making such a huge effort. What is your favourite book and why? Who is your favourite character from the book and why?


Opening our new outdoor area

Today was the official opening of our lovely, new outdoor area. We were very lucky as Mr Winterbottom, the director of children’s services, came along for a guided tour and to cut the ribbon. What do you like about the new outdoor area and why?