We talked about giving computers instructions to follow. Year 1 turned into robots and their partners had to give them instructions to help them move around the playground. I was very impressed with the instructions you all gave Year 1 well done!




George and Isobel in Year 1 made some fantastic pumpkins at home, they very kindly brought them in to class to show us. We really liked George’s colourful pumpkin and Isobel’s cat face pumpkin. Super carving!


A magic potion

Winnie the Witch asked Year 1 to help her fix her broken broomstick. We decided to make a ‘broom fixing’ potion and added a little bit of our own magic. After that we wrote down the potion recipe for Winnie to try.


Magic wands

Winnie the Witch asked Year 1 to make some magic wands. Year 1 used black paper and lots of glitter to make their wands. After we had made our wands we wrote instructions for Winnie to make her own wand.


A special visitor

Year 1 had a special visitor this morning, Mr Worthington brought in a hedgehog he had found in his garden. We all had lots of questions about how to look after hedgehogs and what food they like to eat. It was so exciting!