Well done to Poppy Green and Josh who did some wonderful dinosaur homework. They both made their own dinosaur out of recycled materials and they looked fantastic! Do you think Poppy’s dinosaur is a carnivore or a herbivore? Why?


What is capacity?

Today Year 1 used cups and bottles of all different sizes and shapes to investigate ‘capacity’. Year 1 estimated which bottle or cup would hold the most and the least water. After that we used jugs to measure how much water each bottle or cup would hold. What did you find out?



This week in maths we have been measuring weight we used classroom objects and balancing scales. Year 1 used cubes or grams to estimate and weigh the objects.


Learning outside the classroom

As some of you may be aware Reception and Year 1, with support from parent volunteers, have been working very hard to improve the Reception outdoor area.

Today some of the Hexagons visited the new external classroom. They were astonished to see the transformation and can’t wait to start using the area!


This week in maths Year 1 have been practising division. We have been sharing cubes into equal groups of 2,3, 4 and 5. Can you remember which numbers will not divide equally into 2 groups?