Diva lamps – part 1

In RE we are looking at the Hindu Festival of Lights – Diwali.  We are making our own diva lamps out of clay.  We have moulded them with our fingers and thumbs and added detail.  When they are dry we will paint them and add patterns.


The magic ping pong ball challenge!

Y3 were challenged to move the ping pong ball along the pipe without touching it.  They had to think about what theyhad learnt about magnets to help them.  Some attached a magnetic material to the ping pong ball and moved it using a magnet under the pipe.  Others attached the ball to a magnet and used another magnet  to repel the first one as the same poles were together.  Well done everyone!


Sea creatures

In Y3 we are writing non chronological reports about mythical sea creatures.  We have drawn our creatures and labelled them with a description of their features.  Watch this space for our final reports.  We are also planning to paint them using the pointillism technique.