Outdoor Learning

Today Year 1 went on a word hunt. We split into pairs and had to find and read all the real and nonsense words hidden around the playground. It was lots of fun and some pairs found more than twenty words! Well done Year 1, keep practising your phonics over the half term!


Careers Day

Today at Woodfield it was ‘Careers Day’. We had an amazing day listening to lots of different people talk about their jobs. We heard all about banking, medicine, teaching, architecture, the police and the fire service. We all had lots of questions and we found out some very interesting things about the jobs. Which was your favourite job and why? What would you like to be when you grow up?

Watch the link below to see some photographs from our ‘Careers Day’


Learning Outdoors

As part of ‘learning outdoors week’ and our current topic, ‘all creatures great and small’, we all went outside on a minibeast hunt. We found lots of minibeast habitats outside in the woodland area. Can you choose a minibeast that you found and use adjectives to describe it?


Chalk drawing

Today in art we carried on practising our drawing skills. We used chalk to improve our drawings of flowers from last week. Year 1 made beautiful, colourful pictures I am very impressed with your work!



We were very lucky to have the opportunity to practise our tennis skills today with some coaches from The Bellingham Tennis Club. We had to concentrate very hard and use our coordination skills to hit the ball with a racket. Take a look at our video of us practising our tennis skills.



In our topic lesson today we learned about human and physical features of an area. We split into groups and looked at aieral photographs of our local area, Wigan. Then we had to find and label all the human and physical features we could find in the photographs.


Number Sequences

This week Year 1 have been searching for patterns in numbers. The Circles used our messy maths area outside to create some of their own number sequences. Can you work out the next two numbers in their number sequences? What is the rule?



We have been practising our drawing skills in Year One. Today we went outside to practise drawing from life. We chose a tree to draw and used pencils to draw it. Year one tried really hard to include lots of detail in their drawings.