Let’s Sing!

We had a wonderful time in Year Four last week when Mr Orrell came to visit. We had so much fun exploring the ‘Greatest Hits’ of Let’s Sing from years gone by.

The children got the chance to sing some familiar songs: We Will Rock You and The Eye of the Tiger. Then they looked at lots of different musical genres while singing about Grandma and her walking stick! Finally, they practised their ‘Singing in the Bath’ voices.

I think you can see from the pictures, a great time was had by all!! Thanks again to Mr Orrell for the fantastic opportunity.



STEM Day in Y4

We’ve had a fantastic time in Y4 today. We’ve been busy planning our investigation, building our Hoop Gliders and, of course, testing them out too!

We thought carefully about all the variables we needed to control in order to ensure our investigation was a ‘fair test’.

You can see some of the variables we identified on our planning sheet. Can you think of any more that we might’ve missed?