Clarice Cliff

Y3’s artwork, inspired by an influential ceramic artist called Clarice Cliff, is on display on the KS2 corridor if you have a chance to check it out.  They have done a fantastic job, I am very proud of everyone.  Many thanks to Miss Pardey for her support with this topic.

Mrs Fairhurst


Capillary action investigation

In Y3 we have been exploring how water moves through a plant.  Lots of us thought that the roots sucked in the water but now we know that the water moves up the plant using a process called capillary action.  The children particularly enjoyed using the pipettes to put the drops of food dye into the water.  Well done Year 3, by the end of the lesson the only person who accidentally dripped dye onto the carpet was me!

Mrs Fairhurst


Broad beans part 2

Our broad beans are growing well and we have discovered that the seed swelled and cracked because it had absorbed water.  Then a small root appeared which grew longer with mini roots growing off it.  After that, the stem started to grow.  We have repotted the seed into compost and will continue to watch it grow.